Remedy when blood type does not match: Cross-over Transplant

Organ transplantation refers to a surgery aiming to replace an organ that loses its function with an organ that is compatible with the patient. However, although some patients have donors, organ transplantation cannot be performed from their own donors because "blood compatibility cannot be established". In this case, the patient must apply to the organ transplantation center and become a candidate for cross-over transplantation. The patient, whose organ cannot be transplanted due to incompatibility, is matched with another patient who has a donor but cannot be transplanted due to blood incompatibility. Transplantation is carried out from the donor of one to the recipient of the other, thus both patients regain their health by performing a ' Cross-over transplant '.

In order to expand this practice, patients with living donors but whose blood groups do not match apply to the transplant center, thus expanding the patient pool, and the difficulties in finding organs for transplantation can be overcome more easily. 


In our country, cross-over transplantation is carried out according to the "Organ and Tissue Transplant Services Regulation" published in the Official Gazette dated 1/6/2000 and numbered 24066. It entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette on March 5, 2010, by adding the regulations regarding cross-over transfer to the regulation. We can briefly summarize the arrangement in the regulation as follows: "Living donor organ transplantation can be made from the spouse of the recipient, with whom he has been living for at least two years, blood relatives up to the fourth degree (including the fourth degree) and it can be made from blood relatives and relatives in law.   

Cross-over transplant is a type of transplant in which suitable donors of two patients awaiting organ transplant give organs to each other's recipients. Cross-over transplants can be done between patients registered at any organ transplant center with mutual consent, without applying to the commission. The transplant center sends the documents related to the cross-over transplants to the Ministry of Health within one week at the latest.

Any healthy organ can be donated. In our country; Organs such as heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, heart valve, transparent corneal layer of the eye, muscle and bone marrow tissues can be transplanted successfully. In order of frequency in Turkey; kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, small intestine and lung transplants are performed. There are two kidneys in the human body except those who are born with one kidney. The liver also has a structural self-renewal feature. While having double kidneys makes it possible to transplant from a living donor, it is also possible to transplant from a living donor due to the liver's ability to regenerate itself. Since the most common organ transplants are kidney and liver transplants, patients waiting for these transplants are more than those waiting for other organs.