Trilogy is a kind of linear accelerator device that is used in radiotherapy applied to cancer patients. It offers access to hard to reach spots and treatment methods that vary according to the structure of the tumor or the patient.



Various methods are used in Trilogy; If the tumor is close to an organ of the body that needs to be protected, IMRT method can be used. RapidArc method to perform the image-guided treatment by rotating around the patient, and SRS / SRT methods to treat small tumors with point irradiation can be used. In addition, IGRT technology is used in Trilogy to determine the accuracy of the area to be treated with millimeter precision and, if necessary, correct the patient’s position.

Trilogy is generally used in the radiotherapy of cancer patients. In the process that starts with the patient lying on the moving patient table, a cross-sectional view of the treatment area is taken and the inaccuracies caused by the movement of the organs or the patient tumor are corrected and the tumor is irradiated.

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