Choose the right IVF center to relieve the longing for a child

In vitro fertilization treatment has become a source of hope for couples who do not have children, especially with the development of technology in recent years. After marriage, when couples cannot have a baby for a year despite trying, they apply to the doctor.


As a result of this, controls are made and it is decided which of the couples has a problem, the degree of this problem and the treatment methods to be applied. If it is decided to do IVF, it is time to choose the right center.

Couples often do not know what conditions should be present in an IVF centre, and which is the right IVF centre. The opening of many centers as a result of the widespread use of IVF treatments in recent years makes this choice difficult for couples.   

Choosing the right IVF center is important in terms of both the patient's health and the financial possibilities of the couples. Due to the mistakes made by the IVF center, couples are hesitant to try these treatments again, and their financial means are also decreasing.  

 For this reason, it is possible to list the main points that patients who are decided to have IVF treatment should pay attention to before choosing the right center:

- What is the live birth rate in the IVF center?

- How long has the IVF center been in operation?

- How long has the team been working together?

- Do they inform you accurately and in detail?

- Do they do embryo freezing?

- What are the pregnancy rates?

- What is the success rate in frozen embryos?

- Does the IVF center have its own genetic laboratory?

- Does your center have Turkish and foreign standard work certificates such as ISO?

Apart from all these, the doctors who perform the IVF application in the IVF center you will go to must be embryologists who are experts in their field.   

It is also important to be able to meet with people who have received IVF treatment in this center before, and that the center is close to where you live. The full documentation and physical qualifications of the said IVF center should be among the criteria sought.   

Since the couples will have placed all their hopes on the treatment service they will receive from the center, investigating all the conditions to the smallest detail and the comments of the couples who reported positive opinions after the IVF application will also help to make this choice.

The IVF Center Should be Located Near to Where you Stay

One of the features you should pay attention to when choosing an IVF center is that the IVF center is close to your home and easily accessible. In addition to the cost of IVF, this is also important in order not to add travel costs and to overcome conditions such as traffic jams.  

The proximity to your home will be an advantage as you will have to visit these centers frequently for examinations, vaccines, vitamins and injection supplements required for treatment.