Fast and precise treatment with pinpointing the tumor

Nowadays, it is of great importance to treat cancer quickly and precisely. The TrueBeam radiotherapy system is also a method that can be used in many types of cancer and shortens the treatment time. TrueBeam is an advanced linear accelerator in which image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery applications are used together.


TrueBeam is defined as a revolutionary new generation beam therapy technology in cancer treatment. 

In this system, many technical innovations are used together with robotic imaging, automatic patient positioning, motion management and a structured control system to dynamically manage the treatment. 

Thanks to the method, many types of cancer can be treated, including lung cancer, breast, prostate cancer, head and neck, which are among the most common cancer types. TrueBeam provides advantages to patients with its fast therapeutic power and precise dose rates. 

At the same time, it enables the integrated use of advanced treatment methods such as intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). 

To put it briefly, imaging and radiotherapy systems are used in an integrated manner in this method.

Decreased movement for cancerous tissue

One of the most important advantages of this method is that the patients can be rapidly irradiated to the cancerous tissue by following the respiratory tract. 

Since the irradiation can be done by monitoring the respiratory movement, high treatment dose can be given directly to the area where the tumor is located. 

Thus, it is possible for the patients to stay on the treatment table for a shorter time, to reduce the tumor movement and thus to protect the healthy tissue at the highest level. Compared to other radiotherapy devices, it shortens the treatment time five times. 

In addition, it allows the treatment of small but risky tumors that are adjacent to important organs in the patient's body, while protecting healthy tissues at the highest level.

Provides precision treatment around critical organs

The main feature of this linear accelerator-based method called TrueBeam is that it is a device that can apply the treatment sensitively to the movements of the patient and can only irradiate the tumor, no matter how small its size. Very small tumors in the brain can be easily treated. 

Thanks to the 'Vision Art' feature integrated into the system, since the patient's superficial body image is taken before the treatment, the treatment can be stopped at the slightest movement of the patient during the treatment. 

This feature provides an important comfort in the treatment of breast and lung patients. Because patients can breathe easily during irradiation. While the patient is breathing, the device monitors the patient's breathing or body movements, the device stops irradiation as the target area changes. 

Since only high-dose radiation can be given directly to the relevant tumor, the number of treatment days is limited to 3-5 days. 

Some cancer patients cannot be operated on because the location of the tumor and their general health conditions do not allow it. Cancerous tissue is destroyed with the help of TruBeam when it is located in vital organs and there is no possibility of surgery due to the location.