Artis Zeego

Artis Zeego is an innovative X-Ray generation and detection system. And although this device is oriented for interventional radiology and cardiology, it can also be used for hybrid procedures and minimally invasive surgical angiography.

Artis Zeego


Capturing more of the human anatomy than when using all previous conventional angiography systems, the information provided enables immediate adaptation to new situations or corrections and granting medical teams’ flexibility while decreasing the need for follow-up operations. 

The Artis Zeego can be installed in a variety of positions: biplane, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, and multi-functional configurations depending on the space and the needs.



  • Reduced radiation dose during interventional procedures.
  • Enhanced image contrast and sharpness that would increase the success of procedures.
  • Efficient and transparent dose monitoring, reporting, and documentation.
  • Freedom of movement through combination of a C-shaped arm and a powerful robot.

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